pondering more

Day 9

I imagine fingers pulling desperately at a neck.
Crinkled eyes and knowing smiles.
Inside jokes and hopeful plans
Their favorites in my fridge and domestic routine.

I imagine intertwined legs on the couch with a forgotten show running through the background like life’s soundtrack.

I imagine holding hands while singing songs in the car, driving with no destination or planned out adventures.

I imagine knowing
Your morning drink and just how you like your coffee.
When your mind is made up or your heart unsure
The difference between your want for you and your want for me.

Will we have our own language?
Knowing looks from across a room
Reassuring touches and favorite poses
Know just where to touch to change the mood

Will I trust you when you say forever?
Promises of tomorrow to reassure me now
Whispered in passion
Witnessed by friends

Will it happen all at once?
A whirlwind of banter and connection, and wanting

Will it happen over time
Friends and links and secret hopes for

I want you to feel like home
endless Harry Potter nights and
arguments about Sherlock.
Can we rewatch episodes
discover new fandoms
and discuss our ships?
Cry about the world
while we hug in the rain.

I want to make animal noises at the zoo and be pretentious at the museum
Find places all our own and drive past state lines.
Usuals at diners
Milkshakes at home
Goodnight texts

Call me when you’re happy
Call me babe on accident
Tell me your stories
Listen to mine

Let’s read the same books so we can share theories.
Watch trailers with plans

I just want an us
full of individual moments and integrated lives
I want magic
and forever

where you know me
and I know you

is burrowed in I love you’s
and stay with me’s


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