Humanity over politics

This is a quick write response to the Daily Prompt, my general thoughts of late, and an inspirational video I came across.

I am exhausted by the weight of the world. How can I do so little when I can see so much? I am tired from what little I do and what little I know but mostly I am scared. What little courage I have is stolen by the defeat of all that I thought was good in those that surround me, dissipating with each tragedy, each live lost, and within my own shitty unique despair derived from family reposting hateful headlines. I want hope but I sometimes think I would rather not have it then have a glimpse of it only to watch the world pluck that away too .

I have tried to avoid being political, mostly because I think real change happens in personal conversations and not through a blast on social media. Those who know me should know that I have loved poetry and spoken word since a young age. I came across this poem and I wanted to share it-not because of the politics but because of the humanity.

In some ways it has summed up what has long been in my mind and on my heart, It reminds me sadly of too many stories- of the tragedy at Pulse, of the racism and Islamaphobia my sister and I have faced since before I knew it was racism-often by those close to us, and especially of the black men being murdered and the lesser known black women being murdered with no justice. Who are often reduced to a clickbait type tweet mentioning the character of these victims with a character limit. He was not a criminal, he got good grades, she was a mother ect the tweets say. And while this does invoke the empathy that apparently lies within likes and retweets it overlooks a strong point, that it should be a tragedy regardless of their strong character.

Empathy can and should exist between people who are not a like. This is missing, this is how the Syrian refugee crisis is ignored, this is how trans rights are ignored, this is how people think that living is no longer a right “the other” has. It seems to me that society has forgotten that people have a right to their lives even if you do not like the way the live them. #blacklivesmatter



via Daily Prompt: Pluck


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